3 Tips for Decorating with Pennant Flags

Are you one of those people who are able to curate all the perfect decorations for your space? You know the type of person who is somehow able to strike the perfect balance of personality and trendiness into all their decorative pieces? No? Me either! When it comes to decorating a room, I often find it difficult to find pieces that reflect my aesthetic while remaining cohesive to the space. Enter (and I bet you can guess where this is going) pennant flags! Pennant flags are no longer just trinkets purchased at a souvenir stand but decorative knick-knacks that add a certain panache to your space. So, what’s the best way to add a pennant flag to your space? Here are 3 tips for getting started:
  • Find a pennant reflective of your roots. Do you have a place, saying, or icon that is significant to you? Put it on a pennant! Search for vintage pennants online or create your own. (Side note: we can help you create any pennant you want, we offer decoration services on all of our pennant flags. Contact us to get started.) However you design it make sure that its colors and content integrate well into your space.
Lay Baby Lay Pennant Flag
(Design by Lay Baby Lay)
  • Decide the best way to display your pennant- Whether your pennant would look best framed, on a shelf, or hanging on your wall is up to you. A personal favorite is to feature your pennant in a mini gallery wall (see below). 
Hello central avenue pennant decor
(Designed by Hello Central Avenue)
Sunny Circle Studio Pennant
(Designed by Sunny Circle Studio)
  • Find complementary pieces for your pennant- This one goes together with the previous tip but finding décor that sets off your pennant is always a good plan. At Liberty Pennants we are big fans of adding simple prints to the wall where your pennant will reside. Another favorite is to add additional pennants- 3 pennants that are related make great wall statement pieces.
Studio McGee Pennant Flag Design.
(Design by Studio McGee)

A few well-placed pennants are a great way of showing who you are and what’s important to you without having to say a word. These ideas are only the beginning when it comes to decorating with your pennant flags. Make sure to share your ideas and inspo pics with us on social media by tagging @libertypennants in your photos. As always, if you need help designing your pennant flag or are in search of other tips- check out the site.

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