5 Reasons to Add Pennant Flags to Your Branding

  While reading a Forbes article I came across this statistic “The average American is exposed to between 4,000- 10,000 ads EACH day”, that’s an absolutely huge number! When you think about it just about every object you encounter each day is bearing some sort of brand insignia; From your cell phone and computer to your sheets and clothes, everything comes with a brand. With the world being inundated with brand names shouting for our attention how can a business cut through the clutter and make a statement while showcasing its brand? A simple answer comes in the form of a simple, brightly colored triangle. Pennant flags are a great way of sharing your brand in a unique way that is sure to make impressions amongst your target audience. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 5 reasons why you should add pennant flags to your branding efforts.

  1. As stated above, thanks to their color pennant flags are eye-catching. Ever driven by a car dealership or grand opening? Many times, pennant flags will line the perimeter of the store beckoning visitors in. Brightly colored pennant flags add a cheery vibe to your store exterior and create the idea of an exciting event in viewer’s minds.
  2. They’re fully customizable. Pennant flags are a great place to add a custom logo or company name, they’re just the right size for getting essential information across. The best part is that they are fairly easy to decorate so with just a few simple tools you can add your design. If you’re looking for even greater ease you can always leave the decorating to us, check out our decoration options here.
  3. They make thousands of impressions. Many people’s first thought when it comes to pennant flags may be of vintage pennants from 30’s baseball games or other tourist destinations. While your brand may be on the cutting edge of modern there’s something to be said about going to vintage routes. Putting a new spin on a classic pennant is a great way of enticing customers about your brand. Plus, one day when your pennants do become vintage, they’ll still be making impressions.
  4. Limited runs can become collectibles. Consider creating a contest, giveaway, or auction where only a few custom pennants will be made. This creates a scarcity element that will entice your target audience to learn more about your company.
  5. Show your personality- Pennant flags are as variable as the creator of them. Creating a pennant flag that shows off your personality is a simple way of letting your brand’s most basic points (logo, name, or slogan) take center stage. When the basic parts of your brand are known it’s easier to make more impressionable advertising campaigns.
Pennant flags at an event

   As you can see from the 5 points above, a pennant packs a punch. Pennant flags may seem like a basic triangle piece of fabric but the effect they can have on your company can be much more than that. If you have an idea for a pennant flag design, make sure to contact us here. To see our pennant flags click here. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media to see more of our projects and pennant tips!

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