America's Favorite Pennants

America’s favorite past time- baseball. Since the early 1830s baseball has been a national craze and the first World Series in 1903 only intensified that. Today the same race for the pennant is going strong as each year teams all over compete season long to win the championship that will take them to the World Series game where the winner receives the pennant. The winner of the pennant will fly the flag over home field for the next season.

Baseball World Series

These pennant flags featured the team name and year most normally and were created in smaller versions for fans to purchase as souvenirs. Nowadays the term pennant is more figurative as teams take home The Commissioner’s Trophy which is made up of 30 gold-plated pennant-style flags. Commissioner's Trophy

Even though the days of the physical pennant are gone, pennants still seem to represent the game of baseball in a unique and fun way. Customizing a pennant is perfect for showing off your loyalty to a favorite team or even ball park. If you are a baseball fan or know someone who is a baseball fanatic, contact us today to start designing your personal baseball pennant. 

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