DIY Lettered Pennant Flag

It seems that personalized felt pennants are popping up everywhere- and for good reason! These cute, custom pennants are a great way to customize a space without it being a permanent fixture of the room. Adding a name, place, or even word that is significant to you transforms a pennant into a beloved keepsake and decoration. You can move the pennant around the room on different shelves or hang it on the wall and voila you’ve got an adorable statement piece! Creating these pennants may seem difficult but it’s really not! Here’s how to create a custom name pennant in – steps.

1. Go to our site and pick out your favorite pennant. Once you have the pennant you will take a large felt sheet and cut out a triangle for so that it covers the pennant flag. 

Custom lettered pennant step 1
2. Once you  have your felt triangle covering the colored portion of the pennant flag (don't let it cover the ties) use a ruler to block out even spaces on the triangle with a pencil. Be sure to create enough blocks for each letter of the word (in this example we will be using STATE as an example). 
Custom lettered pennant step 2
3. Now that the letters are traced you will carefully cut out each letter and, using a hot glue gun, place each letter onto it's designated spot.
Custom lettered pennant step 3
4. Now that your pennant has been customized it's time to hang it! Hang by either framing it or using poster putting/ wall strips to attach to your wall. Don't forget to share your photos with us by tagging us on social media with @libertypennants.
Custom lettered pennant step 4
We love how these custom pennants turn out! If you would rather have your design embroidered, screen printed, or digitally printed feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you design your custom pennant with our services. 
*This blog post was inspired by an article from Love & Renovations. You can find it here.

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