First Day of School Pennants

August has rolled around yet again and the back to school buzz has begun. Prepping for school is always that unique mixture of anticipation and the old back to school blues. So while you’re in the midst of gathering school supplies, new backpacks and clothes we want to help you cover something that’s almost as essential: the first day of school photo!

Liberty pennants tshirt

Remember the classic first day of school photo where you stand in front of your front door or school posing? The one where you’d hold up your fingers to indicate what grade you were in? I hope I’m not alone in remembering those photos! We want to help you upgrade these photos with custom first day of school pennants! These pennants can be chosen off the site (we recommend choosing school colors if available) and then contact us to start customizing your design. We love the way a custom pennant can add a unique element to a photo and can also be saved as a memento for years down the road. Add a school name, grade, or special design that will be a great keepsake to begin the year!


A quick look at some favorite designs:

1st Day of School 2021Grade 6


1st Grade

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