How to Make a Felt Pennant Banner

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, a football game or just everyday life felt pennant banners are a fun and creative way to decorate for the event. The best part about a felt pennant banner? They are super easy to make! Follow these 4 steps to create the festive felt banner you’ve been wanting.

To start with, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Felt pennants- Choose how long you want your banner to be and select the number of felt pennants needed accordingly.
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  1. Head over to our site and select the individual pennants to make up your banner (this step is also where you’ll choose the length of your banner). You can start with 3 pennants and add more depending on how long you want it. Choose colors or designs that will complement the rest of your décor.

2. Once your pennants arrive you can begin to assemble your banner. Start by cutting a small slit on each side of the top of each flag- about 3/4” down and 3/4” in.

3. Lay the felt pennants in order and thread your yarn through the slits.

4. Create loops on the end and hang your custom felt pennant banner!

While these pennants are simple to make they definitely add an eye-catching décor element to your festivities. Make sure to share with us how your pennant banner turned out by tagging us on social media with @libertypennants! Looking for more pennant banner inspiration? Check out some of our favorite examples below or take a look at our Pinterest page.

*This article was inspired by a blog post from Jessica Z. To Read her article click here: CELEBRATE YOUR TEAM WITH A DIY FELT PENNANT BANNER

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