How to Design a Custom Pennant Flag

Custom pennants are such a fun way to add your personal flair to a space. I love how one simple piece of fabric that’s cut in just the right way and is just the right color can transform a space. Blank pennants are great for decorating already but when you add the right custom design to a pennant they become even better! If you’ve been eyeing our pennants for a while and want to add a design but aren’t sure how or what the process is look no further than this blog for all the answers.

First things first, pick out the design or artwork you would like featured on your pennant. This design can be whatever you want but a design with clearly defined lines and imagery works best.

Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

Next, head to our site to look through our pennant collection and choose which color you want your design to be on.

Now it’s time to make sure everything fits properly onto the pennant, while you’re on our site click on the Resources tab and then the 9 x 24 pennant template, download this and upload your graphic and any text to the template. Once you’re happy with the way it looks virtually, send it over to our team here. We will review and make sure we can make your pennant dreams happen, sometimes small corrections may need to be made. Once the final design has been approved we take it from there, we will decorate each pennant according to your specifications and send the final product directly to you!

Once you receive your decorated pennant it’s time for you to place it in your space and enjoy! Take some pictures and tag us on social media- we love to see how you use our pennants! Each pennant we help make is an exciting process to be a part of, the creativity of the people we have worked with is inspiring! Take a look below at two custom pennants we had the privilege to be part of.





If you have questions about how we can help customize your pennant design contact us here

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