How to Hang a Felt Pennant

It’s been said before: we LOVE the way a pennant can punch up the personality in a space! Pennants are simple enough to add to any space but sometimes it’s the adding to the space that leaves us at a crossroads; how should I hang the pennant? Should I use nails or will that damage my walls? Is tape strong enough to hold up the pennant? Should I hang it vertically or horizontally? These are just a few of the questions you may have found yourself asking if you just recently purchased a pennant flag. Fear not! This post will show you a few different options for hanging your pennant while reducing the amount of damage that could be done to your walls.
Step 1- Decide where you want to add the pennant flag. This may seem like a super obvious step but it’s critical for deciding how you will want to hang your pennant. Once you’ve found your space, experiment with a few different ways of hanging it up (you can use masking tape to hang the pennant temporarily- we don’t recommend this on freshly painted walls). Try hanging it vertically or horizontally, if you don’t love either of those consider framing your pennant and hanging it that way.
Photo by: Oxford Pennants
Step 2- Now that you’ve got the planning done it’s time to start hanging! First up you’ll need to clean the space where you’re going to hang the pennant (dust will cling to the felt… not a great look!), use a feather duster or a light cleaning agent to get the wall ready.
Photo by: Heather Ford
Step 3- Using an adhesive putty, hook and loop tape (Velcro), or poster tape (something like a command strip) place strips along the backside of the pennant. If using adhesive putty just add a few different dots to the ends and hang. Once you have the strips along the backside of the pennant you will add the strips to the wall (place a small pencil dot on the wall to know where you want to hang it).
Photo by:  Jo Szczepanska
Step 4- Hang the pennant! Using adhesives instead of screws is the ideal way to hang the pennant, the adhesives are light enough to hold the pennant up and you won’t risk the damage a screw can do to both the pennant and your wall. Once you’ve got your pennant up make sure to snap a few pictures and share them with us on social media by tagging @libertypennants!
Photo by: Josh Hemsley

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