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I was recently away on vacation for a week and as I strolled the streets and scoured shops for the perfect souvenir, I came across a store with vintage pennants decorating the walls. Since I’m obviously a big pennant fan I went in to see if they were selling any of the pennants, which they weren’t (decoration only). Seeing all the adorable vintage pennants got me thinking about how they are the perfect travel souvenir! At the height of their popularity pennants were essentially just your standard souvenir. From baseball games to travel hotspots it was pretty likely you could find a pennant made to help you commemorate the place or event.

explore pennant flag

Nowadays pennants are largely missing from the souvenir landscape. And while I can’t travel around to every souvenir shop in the world I can offer up a few tips on creating a commemorative pennant with Liberty Pennants.

Photo from French Knot

Create your own vacation souvenir by creating a customized pennant for the place with us! Here’s how:

  1. Go to the site and find the perfect pennant for your project.
  2. Find or create a design specific to the place of your choosing that will be featured on your pennant.
  3. Contact us and explain the design you would like featured and send us the artwork.
  4. We will reach out to you to discuss details about application and color. Once the project is completed we will send it out to you!
  5. Hang your new souvenir and watch others admire it. Share your pennants with us on social media by tagging @libertypennants.

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