Pennant Flags for Father's Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift can be hard. After all, dads deserve a special gift that shows you care and not just any run-of-the-mill generic card. This Father’s Day we want to help you give a fun and meaningful gift to the father or father figure in your life.

Personalized pennants are an excellent gift for any father because they are based on something that is significant for them. A personalized pennant can have any design or phrase but here are three of our favorite design options for Father’s Day pennants:

The Sport’s Team Pennant-
This one is the absolute OG of all pennants, the one that started it all. A sports team pennant is a perfect gift for any father who is a sport’s fanatic. Customize any of our pennants with the name or the licensed logo of their favorite team and see your father light up over his favorite team.
University of Utah sports pennant

Springfield Cougars
The Motivational Pennant-
This sort of pennant has begun to surge in popularity in recent years. For some, the term “motivational pennant” may conjure up images of cheesy phrases thrown onto a pennant flag. The truth is that today phrases like “started from the bottom now we here” and “win the day” can be placed on pennants and actually look cool! These pennant flags are great additions to any office or workspace for any father figure.
Motivational Pennant
The Place Pennant-
Does your dad have a city, state, or maybe just a location that’s significant to them? Commemorate that place with a pennant! We love pennants that have scripted city names with skylines or pennants that are specific to National Parks. No matter the place we can help you design a pennant that will reflect its importance to your father.
Brooklyn Baseball Pennant

Personalized gifts are always a fantastic surprise when received, they reflect time and care spent on the part of the gift giver to ensure that it’s more than just a basic gift. While there are only a few ideas listed above the opportunities are endless when it comes to creating a personal pennant whether it’s a family team pennant or even just a simple design, a small pennant can pack a powerful punch.

Have an idea for a pennant design but don’t see it listed here? Contact us to see how we can help you create it! And as always, we want to see how you use your pennants so make sure to tag us on social media @libertypennants and you may even be featured on our page!

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