What to Know When Designing a Gallery Wall

I have always loved the look of a gallery wall. From museums where the gallery expands over huge amounts of space to small apartments where someone has taken the time to curate a mini-collection of their favorites; I am always captivated by the mixture of items and spend at least a few minutes admiring the way it all comes together. If you’re anything like me the idea of designing your own gallery wall can seem intimidating! This post is dedicated to you and hopefully takes some of the guesswork and fear out of designing a gallery wall.

Man stands in front of gallery wall

Step 1- Find the perfect space and color palette. While most of us are accustomed with seeing gallery walls in large spaces that isn’t necessary. Gallery walls can be placed above beds, around fireplaces, or even around mirrors. Gallery walls are eclectic by nature but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some shared commonalities. Color is a great way to unite pieces so that the gallery wall feels like it should be paired together. If you’re not feeling pairing everything by color, consider uniting your pieces through a collective theme. Check out some of our favorite color palettes and themes below.

Small space gallery design

Step 2- Choose your style and frames. For a clean, modern look a grid gallery is the way to go. This one is all about precision and will keep your wall looking organized. When using the “grid” style, use frames that are uniform in shape and color. For a more personal, informal gallery wall, feel free to mix frame styles and wall placement by arranging items in a “salon” style. If you’re nervous about adding so many holes to your wall, take the first step in gallery wall arranging by using picture shelves. Picture shelves are a great way of introducing yourself to designing a gallery wall.

Grid gallery wall

Step 3- Curate your collection. There’s no need to rush to find all your gallery pieces at once. As you search for pieces select those that are reflective of the vibe you want in your gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to mix media and add some different styles of art when creating your wall (even toss in some wall hangings). A great way to begin selecting pieces is by choosing an “anchor piece” this piece is usually the largest and sets the tone for the rest of the include pieces. If you plan on using a grid pattern, consider choosing one big picture cut into the smaller frames.

Mixed Media Gallery

Step 4- Map it out. Before you head to the wall, head to the floor. Use the floor as your canvas and with masking tape map out the design of your wall. Layout your collection on the floor and see if you like it all together. If you want to switch things around just shift the tape accordingly. Once you’re happy with the layout, snap a pic and then begin the process of transferring it to the wall.

Framed Pennants

Step 5- Don’t forget the personal touches! Have some fun with your gallery wall by adding a “you” piece! Add souvenirs from trips, personal artworks, or a customized item that will reflect your personality; I love the look of a pennant added to a gallery wall! See some of my favorite examples here below..

Pennant personality

Personal touches with a pennant


Once you have everything transferred to the wall you’re good to go! Share with us your gallery walls by tagging us on social media @libertypennants. For more inspiration check out our Pinterest page and to create a custom pennant for your wall gallery feel free to contact us!

*This article was inspired by articles written by Michelle Higgins and Sara Ligorria-Tramp. Click the links to see their respective articles- Creating a Gallery Wall? Don’t Start Hammering Yet and How To Actually Make A Gallery Wall: Our No-Fail Formula We Use Every Time (+ Our Favorite Original Art Resources) Each photo is linked to it's respective source. All images and sources rights belong to their respective owners. 

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